Meet the owner, becca. 

I am passionate about natural and Ayurvedic living, birth, and my family. We tend to do things a little differently in our home, and I hope to encourage and inspire others who are curious about how we live to follow this path, however it may look for them.


My draw to traditional medicine has been there for as long as I can remember. It picked up while in college in my early 20's, trying to help close ones who couldn't afford to go to the doctor. Instead of accepting suffering, I chose to begin learning how to care for oneself and others in the traditional way. While researching herbal medicinal systems throughout history and across the globe, I learned about Ayurveda. The thoroughness of its system and its encompassing whole mind, body, and spirit nature continues to amaze me. It remains the focus of my studies and the basis of my considerations in my herbal blends. 

I am a DONA trained birth doula and CAPPA trained childbirth educator. I attended births as a doula for two years until the birth of our son in 2018. I believe childbirth is a truly empowering, life changing experience. I feel that women deserve the right to make well-informed decisions about how they would like to move through such an intimate process. Although I am no longer currently offering doula services (at least until my little isn’t so little!), I will continue teaching classes to assist families on their journey.

My son, Atlas, was born into water at home, into my partner, Justin's, hands with the guidance from amazing midwives. We cloth diaper, exclusively breastfeed, and eat a mostly plant based diet.