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On Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

On Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Check-in

Starting to look obviously pregnant!

Turns out blogging is hard, especially when you're working and trying to prepare for a new little two-legged creature in the house. Whew! So, this post is really just a "hi, checking in;" sharing my feelings about being pregnant thus far. 

I am writing this post just a few days shy of beginning my 7th month of pregnancy. Honestly, when I came to that realization that I am so close to the big day... I got kinda sad! Not because I am not super excited to meet our baby (because I definitely am!), but I am totally in love with being pregnant. I have been so fortunate that it has, overall, been a very easy-going process. 

Don't get me wrong; I've definitely had bouts of insane heartburn, the baby deciding to throw a party at 3am and waking me up, and this strange new occasional burning sensation from my skin stretching. I understand even "easy" pregnancies have their experiences to deal with. Thank Mother Earth for ACV and slippery elm--both have been huge blessings in dealing with the heartburn, and I've been enjoying Badger's Organic Pregnant Belly Balm to soothe the skin burning. 

Being a doula and a childbirth educator before being pregnant with our first has been a gigantic blessing for me. I feel I have realistic expectations and understandings about birth as well as a healthy respect for the sacredness in it. I feel quite confident that--no matter what happens-- it's all going to be fine and my partner, Justin, and I both feel good about the decisions we've made throughout the way.  

I would recommend to all people interested in having children in the near future to read about pregnancy and childbirth as much as they can before actually getting pregnant. Having the knowledge that I have beforehand gave me the freedom to relax into those really huge decisions throughout pregnancy, especially in the beginning, because I already had a pretty clear idea about what I wanted my prenatal care and my baby's birth to look and feel like. 

So, here I am, well past the half way point. Baby is moving a lot, which I have to admit is my favorite thing about being pregnant...even if they do wake me up with a good hard kick. I am still practicing yoga regularly. I actually recently took Justin's Advanced Practice Vinyasa at Ember Yoga this past weekend! (I'm proud that I could still keep up, haha :P) My practice goal is still at least three times a week, and I have only taken 1 prenatal yoga class thus far. I definitely hope to take more prenatals in the future, but as of now I don't believe that I need to sit out from the regular practice vinyasa classes just yet. 

It's been fun embracing all the bodily changes as they come. Justin has been really amazing with that as well. I am blessed that he continues to encourage me to feel beautiful every day. 

I will share more specifically in the future about my prenatal care and how I believe it has encouraged and supported my easy-going pregnancy! I think yoga also plays a huge role in how great I've felt while pregnant and will share more about that, too. 

For now I will continue to soak it all in and enjoy these precious moments while they're here. With that, I leave you with my current pregnancy affirmation:

Being present is the greatest gift I can give my baby.
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